Features & Functionalities

Approved Experts List

Here you have the authority to suggest a medical expert for you, including their location, fee scales, reputation and specialisms.it enables you to get specific appointment dates per expert and make automatic patient bookings, streamlining the appointment process and increasing the speed.

Intelligent Data

A powerful database contains your entire library of contacts. In addition, data regarding doctors’ average costs, appointment waiting times, availability etc. can be stored for valuable management information.

Track Medical Notes and Reports

This application provides quality checks to ensure all medical reports received contain the necessary data in order to progress the case and tracks the progress of all records and notes received or required to provide your fee earners with a complete on-screen case summary.

Paperless Work

Through This System, you can dramatically cut your reliance on paper filing and revolutionize client contact.

Instantaneous Data Sharing

Proclaim is designed to link seamlessly with outside parties – e.g. business partners, law firms, shareholders – enabling smooth connections and ensuring cost-effective working practices.

Text Messaging to Patients

SMS (text) messaging assists you to contact patients quickly and inexpensively.

Benefits of Using a this System

CMS Can Manage Deadlines

One of the greatest tasks of legal professionals is managing all of the deadlines that are part of any case. CMS will integrate with your calendaring system to help you manage the deadlines.

Manage Client Files

This Software keeps all of the data releted to a client in one place which is to find. You can enter case description, task lists related to each case, case notes, case discussions, party and participant contact information, deadlines and much more. Case management software will allow you to easily and quickly access this information in the context of a case.

Automated Time and Expense Entries

This Syatem have the ability to record your time and expense associated with a case and shows a summary of activities for the case. You won’t need to write your billable time and expenses on sheets of paper and then enter into a billing system each month. This kind of automation can save you plenty of time that you and your staff can use on other tasks.

Coordinates Communication

It now becomes easier to find the contact information when you need it, because you will have all of the contact information in one place. You have probably spent a couple of minutes looking for an old email to get someone’s address. Now, imagine how much time it would save you if you were able to open up the CMS file and retrieve precisely the address you want when you want it.

Document Retrieval

It’s time to organize a case; you have to pull information from many sources. Transcripts are in a stack on a shelf, pleadings and briefs are in a folder on your system, email messages are in your email system.

Work from Anywhere

This is cloud based online system which means you can access it from any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop. You simply go to the website, sign in, and continue working. You can work from home or any remote location. It can be a huge advantage when you are traveling as you will be able to use your free time better to stay productive.

Importance of Our Application

If you are a legal practitioner, then you need to start making use of this software. It will make your work easier and save you a lot of time. Here are some of the reasons why you need to make use of Our Application.

Fast search

When it comes to legal matters, time is very important in ensuring that you are able to properly argue your case before the magistrate. You will need time, to do research and find information that you need to win your case. With this system, you can be sure that you will never misplace any of your important information.

Distribution of files

Good thing of using our systems is this can manag your information that gives you a chance to properly control the distribution of your files.

Saves on space

One of the benefits of storing your information in digital format is that you are able to save a lot of space in your office. The many papers in your office which sometimes are disorganized can make your office untidy. It will also enable you to make a proper use of your information.

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