Key Characteristics

Best Medical billing or Hospital Billing Software is must needed for hospitals and insurance companies, that’s why it must have some key characteristics. Therefore, we have to list some before talking about the software main and additional features.

Fast and Efficient

There is no point to use the software if it is not quicker and more effective than paperwork. Therefore, it should maintain insurance claims, billing transactions, and history, documentation and medical records “in one click”.

Easy to Use

Not everybody is familiar with modern technologies, so the software should have an easy user-friendly interface and smart design. Software is created in order to make the working process easier, so keep it smart and simple.

Tracking Every Patient

Billing software optimizes the administration process by tracking all the patients' history at the same time. However, it should give access to each patient records, claims and billing history individually. Basically, it should work as a huge electronic archive.

Verifying Patient Eligibility

Sometimes a patient does not know that his insurance is expired and send a claim. However, the software system should always have all the latest data updates.

Features of Medical Billing

EDI 837p Submission

EDI File Generation

Practice Dashboard


Patient Dashboard

HIPAA Compliance

Claim Submission

Payer Management



Patient Real Time Eligibility through EDI 271

Patient Management & Dashboard

Practice Location Management

Claim History and Tracking

Practice Staff Management

Clearing House Management

EDI 835 Payment Handling

Paper Claim – CMS 1500

Advance Patient Search

Multi Practice System

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