Advantages of Our Hospital Information System

Easy Access to Patient Data

Our HIS is A well-implemented Hospital Information System. This means easily available patient information to the care providers from various departments in the hospital.

Cost Effective

Our HIS cuts out a lot of manual work which is essentially performed in hospitals, because a lot of work gets automated and does not require manual intervention to store or analyze the information.

Reduces Scope of Error

Our HIS is automatically done a lot of tasks with utmost accuracy, with minimum human intervention, so the scope of error is reduced.

Improved Patient Care

Improved access to patient data and improved work efficiency means better and faster clinical decisions. HIS is a solution; it helps you offer clear information, rapidly for better patient care.

Key Features of Our HIS

  • Minimal cost of ownership
  • Provision for third party payment
  • Issue of Smart cards to patients
  • Follows international standards ICD-10
  • Fully user customizable reports and billing formats.
  • Inter departmental messenger for quick communication within hospital setup
  • Bar Code generation facility
  • Robust error tracking module.
  • Innovative appointment scheduler.
  • TALLY linking for accountancy based solutions.
  • Unique facility to link multiple centers and synchronize data at a central location.
  • Online lab reporting
  • Web Based Software (browser independent)
  • Biometric machine interfacing for digital attendance system.
  • Barcode based diagnostics management, patient management (IPD/OPD)
  • NABH compliant application
  • Prescription writing for consultant with help of electronic pen.
  • Auto consumption of consumables (kits) in event of sample collection.

Benefits of Our HIS for hospitals

Improved clinical care & patient safety

Quick & coordinated care

Reduced medical errors, readmissions, cost etc.

Increased healthcare professionals productivity

Improved clinical management (diagnosis and treatment)

Improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction

Generate various MIS reports needed by the hospital.

Reduce the waiting time of patients at the counters for the registration, Pharmacy, Laboratory, consultation etc.

Help the doctors to retrieve relevant information related to patients, diseases, investigations, diagnoses, prescribed medicines, past history etc.

Statistical reports which gives information on common diseases.

Various MIS reports which help management to monitor and plan (MRD related, consultant related, inventory related).

Better control over the stock maintenance and possible inventory reduction.

Trace nearest expiry drugs.

Standardize the working procedure at the Hospital.

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